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First Ever Kids Dream Blog!!

Hello and welcome to Kids Dream.

I am really excited to write our first ever Blog. I would like to start by saying a big thank you to everyone who has visited our website http://www.kidsdream.co.uk and finding the time in your busy days to read this (hopefully) I must apologize because until now most of you will have no idea who runs Kids Dream, how it started and how hard we have been working since the birth of our little business venture in May 2016. I am going to keep this first blog short just in case I bore any of you to sleep? For those who know me will already realize I do love to talk!

My Name Is Becki, I am 30 Years old and a Mum of four beautiful children (of course I am biased) The business idea sprung to mind when i had only a few weeks to go before our fourth and final princess was born. I had to do something to keep my mind off the last few weeks of pregnancy and the agonizing wait for our arrival. I love to spend time browsing the internet and researching things of interest so i thought why not use this time more wisely .  With the passing of my late Great Grandma there was a hole to fill…. Then Kids Dream was born. Since May of this year we have grown a fantastic Facebook following and a great customer base. They have written some lovely reviews and sent us such cute pictures too! check them out for yourself visiti our facebook page Kids Dream @KidsDreamUK or find the reviews tab at the top of our website http://www.kidsdream.co.uk

We are working really hard to come up with our own designs and offer all our customers an exclusive range of plush toys. We realize Baby showers are a huge thing in the UK and i feel our products make very unique gifts for new babies and of course birthday gifts for older children too. Listening to Mothers comments on Facebook we have produced luxury plush elephant pillows for Adults because here at Kids Dream we recognize Mummies and Daddies are very important too! I understand we all want to spoil our children with items for comfort but now grown ups can have cuddles too…

Happy Adults = Happy Children!!

I am going to leave you all in peace now as It is a Sunday afternoon and for all you Mums like me we have lots of ironing to do,uniforms to prepare and school bags to pack (I am just a normal person who has all the boring things to do that all other Mums have to do too!) If you are still awake and not in the land of nod after reading this I at least hope it has given you all an insight in to who really is behind Kids Dream.

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE (Happy Face)…. Just Forget it is Monday Tomorrow (Sad Face)

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