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For Over 80 years Mary Meyer Have Been Creating Beautiful Collections Of Teddies, Comfort Toys And Their Signature Taggies Range For More Than 10 Years. They Are A Very Well Established Company With Lots Of Experience In Producing High Quality Plush Toys That Every Child Loves.

It All Started In 1933 With A Young Woman Who Followed Her Passion For Creating And Sewing Fabric Toys Which Started In New York.. After A Decade In The Business They Moved To Vermont Which Has Been The Home To Mary Meyer Toys Ever Since.

They Are A Family Business Who Design And Create High Quality Items Which Exceed Toy Safety requirements. Mary Meyer Have Also Brought Us Soft And Soothing Taggies Toys For Over 10 Years.

Read More About Mary Meyer Here https//www.marymeyer.com

We Are One Of Only A Few Companies In The UK To Stock The Mary Meyer American Range Which Is Not Available From Mary Meyer UK https://www.kidsdream.co.uk

We Have The Beautiful Mary Meyer Whimsy Doodle Bears With Dye Sublimated Tummy Designs By Flora Waycott Available In Four Designs And Talls N’ Smalls Which Come in Pairs. Both Of These Teddies Are Just Adorable!! You Have To See Them To Believe It… Perfect And Rare Gift Idea That Your Children Will Not Be Able To Keep Their Hands Off! https://www.kidsdream.co.uk




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