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How did you feel after your Christmas party?


 These eight friends went out for their Teddy Bear party this year and this is how they felt the next day …….. HANGING!!!!!!!!

How did you feel after your Christmas party? did you use this phrase and can you sympathise with exactly how they were feeling? Let’s just hope no one ended upside down on a washing line! I am sure some of you will have some very interesting stories to share if you can remember your night? may be some of you will have distant memories you will wish to forget! I miss these kind of nights working for myself at Kids Dream. I would love to be part of a team, making great memories together. I am excited to see what 2018 will bring, hoping it a great year for us all.

Firstly let’s all enjoy Christmas with our loved ones hoping you will all be brought together to celebrate the festive period, but also think of those that unable to join us, who live too far away or have had to leave this earth and start on another journey above. These precious soles that have become angels who will be looking over us. Remember our loved ones never really leave, they will be with us in spirit forever. Also let’s not forget the less fortunate who spend Christmas alone, without family and even a roof over their heads at the coldest time of year.

I supervise at our local homeless shelter and I see for some people what a lonely time of year Christmas can be for individuals that really have hit rock bottom, who do not have a supportive family to turn to or a home to enjoy. Sometimes we take the simplest things in life for granted, if you have good health, running water this Christmas, some sort of heating to keep you warm, family and friends around you… there really isn’t anything to complain about and we should consider ourselves very lucky indeed. This time of year should not be about who has the most amount of presents, the most money spend on them or their children. We should be taught to appreciate the small things that we have, if we have a warm home, food on the table and we are loved, that this really is enough.  

Happy Christmas to you all and let’s all look forward to 2018! Lots of Love and Positively to you all.

Becki Kids Dream 





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