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Step by step guide to throwing the perfect baby shower

Baby showers in Kent are an imported tradition from the US that have grown in popularity and have evolved to take on a uniquely British style. Baby showers in the UK are a combination of ‘showering’ the Mum-to-be with gorgeous gifts for her baby whilst creating a solid network of friends and family who will be there for her during the gruelling early months with a newborn.

It’s all about showing an expectant Mum that you are her tribe and that you will be there for her. The perfect baby shower is all about gifts, giggles and great advice! If you have been charged with organising a baby shower, here is step by step guide to help you out.

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Decide on the time and the place for your baby shower in Kent

Most people agree that around about the seventh month of pregnancy is the best time. The pregnancy is well established and most Mums-to-be are feeling great at this point. Leaving it later can be risky because baby may put in an appearance during the event!

Baby showers work well in a private home. As the organiser, you may want to host it in your own home so that you have complete control over how it is run. Some are held in the Mum-to-be’s own home but at other times an alternative venue is needed. A church-hall, a local tea-room or even the park could be a good option but is very weather-dependant. Think about who is coming, how they will get there and how you can make them all comfortable and relaxed. You may also want to think about who is going to do the clearing up!

Choose a theme (or not)

The only essential ingredients are food, drink, gifts and good company. The rest is optional.

If you do opt for a theme, it can add to the fun and create a talking point to break the ice. When the gender of the baby is already known, a pink or blue theme can work well. Alternatively, you could choose a stars, hearts or floral theme. Base the invitations, decorations, garlands and cups and plates on this theme. You can go mad and add in a sash for the Mum-to-be to tie around her bump, confetti, pom-poms and balloons. The only limit is your imagination and your budget.

Let the shower of gifts begin!

Gifts are an essential part of the baby shower but in Britain, we can be incredibly shy about saying what we want. The good news is that there is a clever way to get around the awkwardness of no one knowing what to buy and of duplicate gifts. Arrange for a pop-up baby shower shop and then the Mum-to-be can choose her own gifts from a range of super cute baby items and nursery essentials. There can be a range of items to suit all budgets and there will be no duplications and zero disappointment!

All you have to do is sit back and watch the lucky Mum-to-be choose her favourite gorgeous items for her little one. Call us today on 0330 122 5619 for more information on our pop up shops for your baby shower in Kent.



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