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Parents Unite, Let’s Rise Up Together and Not Tear Each Other Apart!

Calling all parents who use Facebook as a way of escape from daily chores, a way to have contact with another adult human and hold a grown up conversations.  To block out your child calling you 50 times “Mummy” at their top of their lungs to ask you to move their cup slightly to the left as it isn’t in the right place or if live in a house like mine I climb to the fourth floor only to be shouted at ” picky my sock up that is laying right next to them on the basement floor 6 flights of stairs away! Who thought Facebook was for adult pleasure? without the need of batteries or hiding a rampant rabbit from little hands who think it is hilarious to question you about what it is! You finish scrolling Facebook for the 50th time in an hour to discover what you actually thought was enjoyment, is actually causing you to feel so much more deflated and rubbish than you did before you started! What happened to positivity and supporting each other? if you didn’t think you suck as a parent already you certainly will very soon. You have read the news all about what you should and shouldn’t be doing while trying to hold it all together for the little ones that rely on you most. …. I will find an example wait there ……

Mum sends six ‘stinky’ kids to school because skipping a bath ‘won’t kill them’

Single parent Constance Hall, an Australian blogger, reveals the shortcuts she takes to save time – including letting her kids eat their meals from one plate with their hands

We all know how busy parents can be but for one single mum she has come up with an unusual way to save time – letting her kids wash just three times a week.

Constance Hall said it’s fine for her brood to go to school being “stinky” as “it won’t kill them”.

The mum-of-six, who is an Australian blogger, said she’s had to cut a few corners because of her large family.

She also saves time on the washing-up by letting her kids “feast with the hands”.

Revealing her short cuts on Mama Mia , she admitted her children don’t wash every day.

She said: “They don’t have to bath or shower every day.


This particular post a lot of people were actually quite supportive of this lady skipping bathing her children as it is better for their skin, but these are the kind of posts I am referring to, many of these kinds of posts drag up all the Facebook police who love to jump on a post with how their opinions are the only right ones! So if you already feel like a failure in life, my advice would be just keep scrolling and do not waste your time with such negativity.

I read literally a few comments left from others on these kind of posts and I can feel my blood is starting to boil! We are all in the same boat with at least most of us having the same end goal to help our little people feel safe, secure, happy and content, yet we can be so judgemental and nasty, not even aware that one tired Mummy may read your comments and push them over the edge. Who is with me on this one? I despise these kinds of posts when scrolling through Facebook.

I pretty much count myself and my children lucky if we arrive at the end of the day, living, breathing, clean, fed and happy ( most of the time)

If you are to take one thing from this quick parent blog today please be kind, do not judge and accept we are all very individual. Keep doing what you are doing as you are doing an amazing job, just keep going!

A surviving Mother of four wonderful kids.

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