Trading Card Games: All The Hidden Benefits for everyone

Trading Card Games: All The Hidden Benefits for everyone

Have you ever thought Why are these kids so obsessed with Pokemon !! I rember this when I was young and its still a massive must have now Why is it and does this drive you mad !! I used to think this is madness the collecting swapping and hours spent organizing and playing Pokemon but we are now a Pokemon Household and her is why???

Ok, so to be perfectly honest, when my son came home from School and announced he wanted to get some Pokemon cards, I may have groaned a bit too loudly. I knew eventually games like Minecraft and Pokemon were headed our way, and I just assumed I didn’t want anything to do with them, that they were useless and a waste of time. You know what? They really aren’t, and that is exactly why My children plays Pokemon with their dad and I encourages it!


As soon as my son gets in the door and throws his backpack down (and not where it is supposed to go!!), he is already asking to battle with his newest Pokemon deck (that his dad helped him build). Yes, we are now a Pokemon family, and I love that it is something that they can do all together. My youngest son (only 4 )thinks it’s pretty great! He likes telling other kids that he plays Pokemon. I am pretty proud that I took the time to learn it with him.

They grow up to Quick !! 

 Instead of wishing for yesterday, why not get involved in what your kids are crazy about today ? 

If you gave it a try and learned something that might seem awkward or silly to learn? I guarantee they will be happy to share more with you if you can learn to do something they love too. Learning Pokemon does take some time, but you can do it! You can play the game online but we decided to use it as a collection as well as play battles, to encourage screen free play.

Pokemon is fun to play and fun to collect !

Pokemon playing or any trading card game has amazing benefits that you might not even think about when it  this is for parents who are still doubtful about getting into Pokemon it helps:

With benefits to reading maths, comprehension, forward planning, patience, critical thinking whilst also teaching social skills, fair play and good sportsmanship from an early age.

The list is endless but honestly the family time it creates and the calm mindset my son has when hes organizing his decks and the excitment when they get a special rare or ultra rare card (although dad tries to bribe them for it lol) is worth the time.

So whats stopping you get some pokemon cards and start Learning you will not regret it !!


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