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Tender Leaf Ice Cream Cart

Come to the Ice Cream Cart where the Popsicles, lollies and ice cream cones are ready to be served! There is a clever ice cream scoop that magically picks up the scoop and tops the cone ready for some yummy treats. Encourage creative role play and help develop social skills.

Usborne Award Winning, What Are Germs? Lift the Flap Book

The illustrations are warm and appealing, and the text uses a question and answer format with lift-the-flaps to get kids interested And with STEM subjects being all the rage right now, you are giving your budding doctor or researcher a little head start.

USborne First Magic Paining Garden

Filled with simple, stylish images of popular garden flowers, bugs and other wildlife. Just brush water over the bold black and white designs to watch them burst into vibrant colour..

Usborne Little Wipe Clean Numbers

Fun engaging Book to Support the Key foundation to writing and Learning Numbers whilst supporting Pen control Ideal for School Starters Summer Practice.

USborne Looking after your Mental Health

Covering everything from friendships, social media and bullying to divorce, depression and eating disorders, this is an essential book for young people.

USborne Magic Paint yourself Calm

Relax, Take a Moment to breath and this delightful painting book will help make space for your mind to calm sown, simply watch the pages burst into colour as you use a wet paintbrush with water over the lines.

USborne UnHurry Book

A relaxing activity book for busy brain

USborne UnHurry Magic Painting

Unhurry Magic Painting is a book to help you relax, slow down and be mindful. 

USborne Unworry Book

This Beautiful book is for a busy mind for ages 9+ this is a great way to allow a moment of Calm and engage in discussion of a young one who worries alot about alot of things.

USborne Unworry Doodle Book

This simple book is full of starter doodles and lots of space, to help children feel calmer and leave their worries on the page. It includes mindfulness tips and reassurance.

USborne Unworry Magic Painting Book

Everybody worries. This book is a way to help you put your unwanted thoughts to one side and focus on the here and now instead.

Usborne Whats Happening to Me? Boy & Girl

Look no further: the What’s Happening to Me? Books are nothing short of brilliant. They aim to help children aged nine and above understand bodily changes and they do this extremely well.

Usborne Wipe Clean Pen Control

Fun engaging Book to Support the Key foundation to Writing and Pen control Ideal for School Starters Summer Practice. help strengthen and Musclies for better Pen Control.

Usborne Wipe Clean Telling the Time

fun and engaging with plenty of storylines which put the time into context... Varied, colourful and inviting - a super book.

Kids Concept Aiden Service Centre

Kids Concept service station is now open! No more worries about your children's cars running out of petrol or having dirty vehicles again, with movable car wash brushes and a petrol pump for all their petrol needs.

Kids Concept Aiden Three Storey Garage

The Aiden 3 Level play set is perfect for kids who love pretend play and a great addition to other toy car play sets, including our Aiden 3 in One Service CenterAiden GarageAiden Truck and Aiden City Bus.

Kids Concept Aiden Wooden SUV

These easy gliding play vehicles are lots of fun and will help develop eye-hand coordination. The cut out windows allow for easy grip, making them perfect for small hands

Kids Concept Bistro Mixer Set

Beautiful and quality wooden toy from Swedish Brand Kids Concept, created in beautiful pastel colours. A wonderful and inspiring toy for all the budding little bakers out there!

Kids Concept Bistro Nature Kitchen

Encourage your little chef’s imagination with the Wooden Mini Play Kitchen, designed in Sweden by Kids Concept.

Kids Concept Edvin Shape Sorter

Develop their ability to recognise colours and shapes with this Edvin Shape Sorter. Shape sorters are one of our best sellers right now as they make a truly wonderful and educational toy.

Kids Concept Edvin Wooden Animal Train

The blocks of the train can be removed and replaced to encourage hand and eye co-ordination. A cute little hedgehog, fox, bunny and deer wooden figures are included. The carriages can be removed and played with separately too, overall a very engaging and enjoyable toy from 12 months +.

Kids Concept Green Edvin Mini Maze

A fun bead maze in a mini format! It has three tracks and 15 wooden beads in different colours. Bead mazes allow your child to practise its coordination and fine motor skills while also being a fun toy to play with.

Kids Concept Green Edvin Stacking Rings

These solid wooden Swedish design toys are an exceptional quality toy which will sustain their beautiful after hours and hours of play.

Kids Concept Pink Edvin Hammer Bench

Helps your child to develop concentration, co-ordination, and fine motor skills.

Kids Concept Pink Edvin Mini Maze

This beautiful Bead Maze toy from Scandi brand favourites, Kids Concept, is sure to keep your little one entertained for happy playtime fun and learning.

Kids Concept Pink Edvin Stacking Rings

This toy features six different size rings and a ball on top, little hands will have solve the puzzle and decide which order the rings need to be placed.

Kids Concept STAPELLASTBIL AIDEN Stacking Ring Truck

Wooden truck. The trailer has four sticks where you can stack rings in various height and combinations and learn about colours and shapes at the same time. Develops fine motor skills and logical thinking. Removable trailer.

Lilliputiens George Hand Puppet

Georges the lemur is an interactive hand puppet that stimulates your child’s senses and improves his/her motor skills.

Lilliputiens Georges Acti-Lemur

George the Acti Lemur is a great gift for any newborn baby, promising lots of enjoyment and exploration George can wrap around the pushchair or car seat to keep baby happy on the go. George has a mirror on the chameleon, a bell and a long fluffy tail.

Lilliputiens Louise Activity Spiral

Here is Louise the unicorn as an activity spiral. This toy is ideal for stimulating your little one's sensory development. You can wrap it anywhere: on the stroller, or the playpen for example, allowing your child to play with the little bell, a soft feather or the fox/mirror whenever he/she wants.

Little Dutch Activity Cube

The Little Dutch activity cube guarantees plenty of challenges for your child.

Each side has a different educational activity. It includes a shape sorter, turning gears and a fun bead spiral on top. Because the bead spiral can be placed upside down in the cube after use, it is easy to store.

Your little one will have hours of fun with the activity cube

Little Dutch Cash Register

Would you like to pay cash or card?

The Little Dutch Wooden Cash Register lets little ones scan the products and press the small buttons to present the total. This wooden cash register comes with both a pin terminal as well as coins and banknotes that can be saved in the cash drawer.

Little Dutch Coffee Corner

Coffee or tea? Would you like a cookie or cake to go? With this lovely wooden toy set you instantly have a place to play house or play shop. Become a true barista and make your mum and dad a nice cup of cappuccino with your own coffee maker. Or serve tables in your own little coffee shop with a menu filled with delicious treats.

Little Dutch Fire station

Fire Fire Fire Fire!!  Quickly open the doors and let the fire engine through.
Oh no! a cat stuck in a tree! Luckily, the fire fighters come to the rescue.

Little Dutch Garage (little railway extention)

There's so much going on in this lively garage with a bustling car wash and helipad."

The best bit is it comes with everything included 

Little Dutch Magnetic Play Board

Mini fashion designers will fall in love with this cute magnetic dress up puzzle game from gorgeous kids brand, Little Dutch.

Little Dutch Market Stall

Get your delicious fruit and vegetables here! As a true market vendor, you can sell fruit and vegetables to your friends in this unique Little Dutch market stall.

Little Dutch Mini Kitchen

Bake off champions at the ready !! Mini counter top kitchen.

The Little Dutch Kitchen will be a hit with all little master chef men and women!

The best bit is it comes with accessories included 

Encourages imaginative play & an interest in cooking

Little Dutch Mini Workbench

The Little Dutch Mini Workbench will be a hit with all little handymen and women!

The best bit is it comes with everything included - plenty of things to fit, fiddle and bang. The Little Dutch Mini Wooden Workbench is compact and easy to move. That way, you can hammer, saw and build wherever you want. Little ones can use the included screws and bolts to build a cool vehicle.

Little Dutch Puzzle Clock

Learning to tell the time (and loads more) is decorative and fun with this lovely educational toy

Little Dutch Rocking Ring Stacking Toy

Little Dutch rocking ring stacking toys. Your child will enjoy placing the rings on the pyramid in the right size order, this is challenge as the pyramid moves backwards and forwards. This fun activity helps promote hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. You can enjoy hours of practising together for hours or an activity young children will enjoy on their own too

Little Dutch Tap Tap Art  Zoo theme

TAP TAP, It's hammer time! They can hammer shapes and pictures together with this fun cork board set. he Little Dutch Tap Tap Art Set allows little one's to get creative with a combination of wooden geometric shapes and illustrated figures made from high-quality cardboard

Little Dutch Wooden  Transport Truck

The Little Dutch wooden truck car transporter with trailer including 4 cars will not go unnoticed when it passes by your little one! Unfold the trailer and the cars can drive off. This truck will keep your little one entertained and is a great addition to your little ones car collection at home.

Little Dutch Wooden Abacus

With this Little Dutch abacus, make counting fun and a rather cute activity to enjoy together. Traditional design toy created with modern pastel shades.

Little Dutch Wooden Play Kitchen

Bake off champions at the ready !!

The Little Dutch Kitchen will be a hit with all little master chef men and women!

The best bit is it comes with accessories included 

Encourages imaginative play & an interest in cooking

Little Dutch Wooden Rainbow

You'll love it because...

The Little Dutch Wooden Rainbow Stacker has so many playtime possibilities; stacking, counting and colour recognition! Your little one could even create a crazy car track, 

Little Dutch Wooden Stacking Train

The Little Dutch Wooden Stacking Train is ready to depart the station, first stop the beach! Complete with 3 wagons and 19 blocks, your little one will love zooming around dropping and collecting the colourful cargo! Not just for fun

Little Dutch Workbench

The Little Dutch Workbench will be a hit with all little handymen and women!

The best bit is it comes with everything included - plenty of things to fit, fiddle and bang. The complete set consists of 55 parts, including a child-size play hammer, wrench, screwdriver, nuts, and bolts. 

Puppet Company Baby Dino's

Potentially the cutest Dinosaur puppets yet, we are very excited to launch this new ‘Baby Dinos’ range. Great for story telling, imaginary play and language development. Used in a lot pre-school and school settings.

Puppet Company Baby Monsters

Available in eight wacky designs and colours to suit all tastes, our new Baby Monsters are sure to put a smile on your face! Each character is full of personality and fun, just itching to be played with.

Puppet Company Eco Trex

Potentially the cutest Dinosaur puppet yet, This eco collection perfectly complements our other puppets and soft toys, meaning you can help save the planet whilst having a huge amount of fun!

Puppet Company Full Bodied Monkey

This beautiful Full-Bodied Animal puppet has been designed to be as beautiful and cuddly as a soft toy, but with all the functionality of a puppet.

Puppet Company Long Sleeved Elephant Puppet

This beautiful long sleeved animal puppet has been designed to be as beautiful and cuddly as a soft toy, but with all the functionality of a puppet. 28 different animals in the range to collect, from popular African beasts to farmyard favourites! Wonderful materials and shapes make these puppets highly desirable.

Puppet Company Long Sleeved Lion

With a working mouth and hands plus fantastic attention to detail, they are large enough to take an adult hand and made to cover the whole of the lower arm

Puppet Company Pig Long Sleeved Puppet

This beautiful Full-Bodied Animal puppet has been designed to be as beautiful and cuddly as a soft toy, but with all the functionality of a puppet.

Puppet Company Puppet Buddies Dragon

Potentially the cutest puppets yet, The Puppet Company has been making different exotic dragon puppets for years and we keep adding more! 

Puppet Company Sheep Dog

This beautiful Full-Bodied Animal puppet has been designed to be as beautiful and cuddly as a soft toy, but with all the functionality of a puppet.

Puppet Company Terrier

This beautiful Full-Bodied Animal puppet has been designed to be as beautiful and cuddly as a soft toy, but with all the functionality of a puppet.

SplashEZ FlashEz waterproof Flash Cards

This is exactly what I was looking for!

THE BEST GIFT – Searching for the perfect gift for the young family or small swimmer in your life? Delight them 

“Being water proof cards they stick to the tiles and make a unique and perfect bath toy. They're easy to clean too.”

SplashEZ Mold Free Bath Toys

This is exactly what I was looking for! Soft and squeezable bath toys with no hole for mold!”

A WILD TIME – Make water play wildly fun with SplashEZ

Six designs to choose from.

SplashEZ Play Learn Grow Sprinkler Splash Pool

MAKE LEARNING A BLAST – Time for a splish-splashin’ bash in SplashEZ’s educational water splash pool!

Cherish the moments as your kids splash under the refreshing fountain sprinklers! This summer toy creates oceans of adventures! ""

Tender Leaf  Peacock Colours

A beautiful peacock with 5 coloured acrylic tail feathers to see the world in different colours, see
what happens when you mix the colours. also a fantastic tool to help with coloured overlay reading my daughter uses the Blue one with her Dyslexia and it makes home reading more fun and enjoyable. 

Tender Leaf Birdie Afternoon tea Stand

Have afternoon tea with your friends!

Perfect for pretend play, this tea time stand encourages children to make up stories and situations where they can pretend to be just like mum and dad, arranging the cakes, offering a treat, and serving them all on a pretty stand.

Tender Leaf Construction Site

Beep Beep Beep, Digger coming through, a beautiful 5 piece collection of construction vehicles to capture your little ones imagination Good For creative play. 

Tender Leaf Dragon Castle

Watch Out !! Dragon Castle an amazing Set of 61 Pieces that engages imagination and learning through Play, encouraging pretend Play and role play to support Mental dexterity with building and construction, Creative Play developing fine motor skills. Hours of Fun waiting to be let out of the box.

Tender Leaf Fire Engine

Nee Nah Nee Nah, Coming through FIRE FIRE FIRE, 

This bright fire engine has an unrolling hose and a natural wood extending arm to take the 4 firemen to dizzying heights to fight fires or rescue a kitten!

Tender Leaf Forest Trail Kit

Teaching our children to love the great outdoors, this beautifully produced gender neutral set will encourage nature trails in the forest, den building, and learning to appreciate the mini natural worlds all around us. Perfect for open ended play and exploration, this is childhood unplugged!

Tender Leaf Garden Wheelbarrow Set

With Spring around the corner encourage there love for the out doors with this beautiful sturdy, solid wood wheelbarrow complete with 3 seed packets, 3 flower pots with a sunflower, carrot and tomato plant. Water the plants with the watering can, tend with the trowel, and cut the flower with the birdy secateurs.

Tender Leaf Kitchenette

Cooking on the go!

A portable fold away kitchenette with hob and clacking dial. and a pretty clock with moving hands helps teach how to tell the time. Wash it all up in the waterproof sink, with wooden tap and pack it all away! Made from Sustainable wood, Part of the Eden Project Promising a 100% replant, 

Tender Leaf Noah's Shape Sorter Ark

A perfect present for any little one! 

A Beautiful Bright Coloured Wooden Ark made from sustainable 100% replanted wood, Fun and educational a fantastic Shape Sorter designed to Encourage Pretend Play and Help Hand eye Coordination. 

Good For Manual Dixterity.

Tender Leaf Pond Dipping

An original spin on the classic fishing game, this time in a beautiful pond!

Take it in turns to Catch all the pond animals and count up your score, working on Manual Dexterity and Counting skills as well as learning some pond animals too !

Warning Chocking hazard & contains Magnets not suitable for children under 3

Tender Leaf Safari Play

Going on an adventure?

You will need this handy illustrated drawstring bag complete with survival essentials for that trip into the Savannah! Lots of creative story telling and fine motor skills development for any little boy or girl will result from playing with this set and imagining going on safari! 

Tender Leaf Sensory Trays

Sensory Play Fun and Interactive Encouraging Fine Motor skills working with two of the main senses Touch and Feel, Helping your little one learn through play, Improving Shape and Colour recognition. Available in Two Variations Touch, Visual.

Tender Leaf Tap Tap Tool Box

Tap Tap Toolbox has Arrived for All those Little jobs that need fixing that Daddy never gets round too !!

This set includes: a woodpecker hammer, some pliers, a screwdriver, a spanner, three screws, three nuts and three bolts. We have even included a chalkboard on one end of the box to record your inventions.

Tender Leaf Touchy Feely Animals

A tactile puzzle based on woodland animals....5 animal shapes to lift, touch and feel, shape sort and match the colours on the baseboard. Improve Shape recognition, Sensory Play and Cognitive thinking.

The Scruffles Apron

Perfect for any messy little monster! 

Play is how young children make sense of the world. There is also evidence to show that play in early childhood can influence the way your child's brain develops, helping to co-ordinate their mental and physical capabilities. Through play, children and young people of all ages develop problem-solving skills, imagination and creativity, language and observation skills, and memory and concentration.