Taking Responsibility,
At Kids Dream we understand the impact that importing exporting and shipping has an impact on the environment, as well as the production of the items we buy.
Were working hard to have a greener footprint and will keep you up to date on the changes we make.
Eco Brands,
We are always committed to trying to provide sustainable Eco friendly recycled products from ethically sourced companies who are also working toward becoming Greener. some of our brand partners with greener values are
Keeleco, 100% recycled the process of making recycled polyester uses 59% Less energy not only helpping clean plastic from or oceans but also cleaning our air.

Tender Leaf 

We are deeply committed to protecting Indonesia’s natural resources and only work with reclaimed rubberwood, a by-product of the latex industry. In addition, for every reclaimed tree it uses, Mentari plants a new one, driving ahead the cycle of regeneration. Mentari & Tender Leaf Toys have been awarded the ICTI Ethical Toy Program seal of approval for their ethical and sustainable supply chain. We support Eden Projects here in the UK, who are now recognised as one of the most effective re-forestation projects on the planet. For every order you place with us, we plant 10 trees

Little Dutch/OYOY 
Our products are produced in the Netherlands, India, Turkey and China. All our products comply with European guidelines and are child-labour free and produced in a socially responsible manner. Where possible, we opt for renewable materials and packaging. We carry out our activities with respect for people and the environment. Pure & Nature line are made of FSC certified wood. We indicate this with this ‘Sustainable wood’ logo. All new wooden products from our range, not only those in this line, are now made of FSC wood)

Love Mae have chosen Bamboo because we care about the planet and the little people it supports!

Love Mae bamboo dinner sets are made from the bi-product of the bamboo industry, the left overs that no-one uses. These are then ground into a powder, mixed with a food-grade binding resin and then poured into a mould to set. Each of the bamboo pieces are then then treated similarly to porcelain where they is baked twice - first time to shape the product, then again a second time when the decal is applied, the product is then sealed and finished. No mining happens for their products, but they are especially proud that no harvesting of bamboo happens either… they merely make use of what otherwise would be wasted. All their Bamboo products are 100% biodegradable, so there is no chance of them ending up in landfill… or worse still, in the Pacific Ocean adding to the plastic island that is choking and killing reefs and wildlife. As beautiful as melamine can be, it can’t be recycled or broken down… ever. It also has the potential to have dangerous chemicals and substances that are added as ‘fillers’ To think a simple choice can have you respecting our planet and nurturing your child’s future, so we’re here to help you make it a good one. Do yourself, your child and your planet a favour and purchase planet friendly and sustainable products. It’s important to Love Mae, and hopefully you, to think of the full production cycle of the products we make and bamboo from manufacturing to disposal it the most gentle to our environment and our bodies of all the dinnerware productions. Rest assured… Love Mae has you covered and you can rest assured your being a good parent and guardian of the plane
Our commitment to Being green has seen us